The Right Way of Wearing and Removing the N95 Particulate

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The Right Way of Wearing and Removing the N95 Particulate

The Right Way of Wearing and Removing the N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

Removing the N95 Particulate

The N95 duramasks are NIOSH-approved particulate respirators and are a part of protective equipment to protect you from liquid and airborne particles contaminating your face. The 1895n dust mask and n95 duramasks have soft nose foam with soft straps for a comfy fit and easy breathing.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the right way of wearing these masks for ultimate protection. To protect yourself it is essential to learn the steps of both wearing and removing the masks.


Steps to Put on The Respirator

Here are the correct steps to wear the n95 particulate respirator:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before handling the mask.
  2. Start by placing the mask on your hand. The nose piece should be at the fingertips.
  3. Cup the n95 mask in your palm near your mouth in a way that the headbands hang below.
  4. Wear the straps. The top one goes over the top of your head, and the bottom strap goes back to the neck.
  5. Next, gently slide down your fingertips down the sides of the dura mask n95 to mold it to the shape of your nose.
  6. Now check to make sure the seal is tightly secured to your face by placing both hands on the mask and taking a quick breath. With your hands over the n95 particulate respirator, exhale. If there is a leak, then the mask is no good.
  7. If you feel air leaking around your nose, adjust the nosepiece properly and check again.

Once the seal is properly achieved, you are good to go. If not, then ask for help or use another mask.


Steps to Remove Particulate Respirators

When you are removing the mask:

  1. Never touch the front of n95 particulate respirators.
  2. Pull the bottom strap of the mask and then the top strap over your head.
  3. Discard it immediately in a waste container without touching the front.

Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after disposing of the mask.


The 1895n dust masks help to protect against certain contaminants, but not completely eliminate the risk of exposure to or contract infections or disease. Therefore, it is crucial to wear it properly.

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