Wear an N95 Mask to Protect Yourself as well as Others

Wear an N95 Mask to Protect Yourself as well as Others

Wear an N95 Mask to Protect Yourself as well as Others

We’ve all heard the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: wear a face mask, such as an N95 mask, maintain social distances of at least six feet and wash your hands frequently. The point of wearing a face mask, like the N95 particulate respirators we carry, we have been told is to protect others from germs that you might be spreading. 

Interesting research is now indicating that by wearing a particulate respirator, medical mask or cloth facial covering can also offer the wearer some valuable protection.

New Research on Face Masks from the University of California-San Francisco 

Monica Gandhi, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California-San Francisco, says that wearing a face mask, including N95 masks, may block at least some of the airborne droplets that spread Covid-19 from one person to another. 

That might not be enough to stop you from catching the virus, but the university said last month in an announcement regarding Dr. Gandhi’s work, it may be enough to prevent you from suffering from the most serious symptoms of  Covid-19. “The more virus you get into your body, the more sick you are likely to get,” Gandhi is quoted as saying in the announcement.

Gandhi and her colleagues have published a paper in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that draws on professional observations that have been accumulating in the United States and around the world as the message regarding the importance of wearing a mask has sunk in. Apparently, as the number of people who wear masks rises, the death rate goes down. The epidemiologists do say that mask wearing may be only one of several factors leading to the decline.

“Worldwide, epidemiological patterns seem to provide a clue. In countries where mask wearing was already commonplace, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore, and in countries where mask wearing was quickly embraced, such as the Czech Republic, rates of severe illness and death have remained comparatively low,” the university announcement reads.

We are pleased to offer you, your family, your employees and your community the protection that a NIOSH-approved Dura Mask particulate respirator, an HDX-N95 mask or an N95 mask from one of our other suppliers can offer.

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