Will We Ever Look at Masks the Same Way Again?

Will We Ever Look at Masks the Same Way Again?, N95 Mask

Will We Ever Look at Masks the Same Way Again?

Masks aren’t just for costume parties anymore. The must have accessory of the year is definitely a face mask, whether you go with a cloth mask, a disposable mask or the highly rated N95 Mask

You have probably heard people joking about 2020 being the first time that banks openly welcomed people dressed in hoodies and wearing masks. It’s good that people can find humor in what are difficult times for all of us. 

And what makes it so funny is that it is true! Imagine walking into your bank last year with a face mask on. 

Normally, this time of year, if you would be talking about masks, you would probably be referring to some kind of mask that would be part of a Halloween costume. 

Of course, we all know that 2020 is not a normal year. This year, the masks we are all talking about are the N95 masks and other facial coverings that the CDC is urging all of us to wear. 

That doesn’t mean Americans are ready to abandon Halloween, though. The National Retail Federation’s annual survey shows that almost 150 million of us were set to celebrate the holiday, despite Covid-19. “Among those celebrants, safe at-home activities ranked highest: 53 percent plan to decorate their homes, 46 percent plan to carve a pumpkin and 18 percent will dress up their pet,” the survey found.

“Consumers continue to place importance on celebrating our traditional holidays, even if by untraditional standards,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Retailers are prepared to meet the increased demand for seasonal décor, costumes and other items that allow families the opportunity to observe Halloween safely.”

We are happy to see that people aren’t letting the pandemic stop them from celebrating the holidays they love. With a little imagination, some social distancing, frequent hand washing and an N95 mask, like the NIOSH-approved Duramask, the holidays don’t have to be scary.

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